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Where Are My People?

by Supervisor Mother Perrella Hines on 07/13/16

Where are my people?

Again we are in the midst of heart break and tragedy. Watching again more of our young sons killed at the hands of white officers. The same rhetoric begins…”let’s pray together, we need more jobs, better this and that.” We refuse to admit the truth; we have turned away from God’s truth. Sin and the influence of the devil on this present world causes man to hate his brother.

Saint Mathew 5:43-48, Jesus deals with us loving others. Ephesians 6:12 tells us we are dealing with powers not of this world that takes weapons from God to overcome. 

II Chronicles 7:14 addresses us, the Saints, those who are called by his name. We have a responsibility to do our part in changing the influence of the enemy. Let us be obedient to the word of the Lord. Pray that God will change the hearts of mankind.

God Bless you

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