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"Early Morning Talk"

by Supervisor Mother Perrella Hines on 05/24/16

I know many of us have been up early in the morning, 3-5 am, especially as women with concerns pressing upon our mind and heart. Sometimes rolling over in the bed and the thought of Him (Christ Jesus) is on your mind and you talk to Him. Sometimes it's just "Thank You Jesus" or "I Love You Lord" maybe another sweet phrase praising him for another day he allowed you to see. Oh but how it blesses you when he talks to you, when he whispers in your ear and heart.


That's what the Lord did for me early Friday morning as I walked toward the bathroom. He simply said I am the ONE that HEALS. You see, as my husband and I are walking through this season of illness and uncharted territory for us, it's awesome for the Lord to give you a booster shot of His Word. When you're walking by faith and holding on with all you have and know and then he speaks. I know the word and the God that heals but when he said I Am the ONE which separates him from anybody and everybody, my soul caught it. 


If you are experiencing something in your body or apart of someone else who is, share that word with them. He is the ONE. 

God Bless each of you, the apple of his eye.

Mother Hines 

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